Possibility Lounge &
Side Hustle Cafe
For The Committed.

Brainstorming, Ideation, Planning lounge for Dreamers, Planners, Doers, Start-Up, Side Hustle 

& Spirituality Advocates.

Writable Walls & Movable Furniture Make It Ideal For Doing.

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Your subscriptions and offsite meetings enables us to purchase and donate inspiring books to non-profits serving the needs of women, children and the homeless.


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Resolutions are tools for the initial cultivation of the mind, for the sowing of good thought seed. 

Kemitian Lounge is a Social Enterprise

We  believe inspirational reading is just as important as food, water, shelter and clothing. 

We have donated over 300 copies of "Resolved To Evolve" this year. With your purchase, we will donate even more.

Movable furniture, writable walls, books & patio:.

Lounge Cafe $5.00 - $8.00

$5.00 Teachers, Students, Elderly & Under employed

$7.00 Gainfully employed

$8.00 You Rock

Complimentary Coffee or Tea  

Free WiFi


With your visit we donate 1 copy of "Resolved To Evolve" to a non-profit. 


Monthly Subscription - $49.00

Individual Subscriber

Complimentary Coffee & Tea


Lending Library

With your subscription we donate 2 copies of 

"Resolved To Evolve" to a non-profit that support the homeless.  

Company Subscriptions Available

With your subscription we donate 10 copies of 

"Resolved To Evolve" to a non-profit helping the homeless. 

Menu - Sliding Scale $5.00 - $8.00 Need Based

Kemitian Lounge it is about you, your friends, your ideas & dreams not the coffee & tea.

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Kick your shoes off, put your feet up, and create.

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My name is Kokoro. What's your name? And how can we advocate for you?

Consider Coming To The Lounge.

If there is something you are absolutely committed to seeing through, consider coming to the lounge. If you desire to bring order & clarity into your life, come to the lounge. If you desire an encouraging & inspiring space, away from your home or office, you should consider coming to the lounge. If you are at a point of transition & you need to surround yourself with others committed to personal evolution in all facets of life, we know how you feel, come to the Kemitian Lounge.

Kemitian Lounge Co-Planning, Dream & Design

805 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, California 95060, United States

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